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U. S. stands strong against Iran

Allen Lottinger -   Dec 22, 2011

Itís encouraging to note that Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is taking a strong stand on stopping the creation of nuclear weapons in Iran. When an undemocratic country that cares not for the general welfare of the people keeps pushing its efforts to create atomic bombs with an obvious attempt to threaten other nations, it is time for the democratic countries of the world to take action and stop it.

According to Panetta, the U. S. will go to any lengths to step in and stop Iran, even if it leads us into war. Allowing that country to have atomic weapons would create a menace that could ruin the world.

Some so-called peace-loving people may claim we have no right to interfere with the actions of other nations. But if their purpose is to destroy democracy and freedom, we have a duty to do so.

It is encouraging to hear Panetta take a stand of aggressiveness against a situation that could lead to destruction of the free world. It is a plus for the Obama administration.


Time to bring out the checkbook

If you havenít finished your Christmas shopping yet, give it up. Take out your checkbook, figure out how much you want to spend on the remaining giftees and start writing checks in their names. Itís so much easier.

Bald eagles following in pelicansí footsteps

Bald eagles reportedly are proliferating in Louisiana once again. The use of DTD over the years past almost decimated them as it did the pelicans along our coast. But outlawing of the chemical in 1972 apparently has allowed both of them to live with us again.

The DTD caused the female eggs of the eagles and pelicans to be weak and they would break when the mothers tried to incubate them.

When work was underway on construction of Interstate 310 near U. S. 90 in Boutte, a church was torn down because it was in the right-of-way of the highway. But not far away, the highway had to be re-routed because there was a bald eagle nesting ground in the way. It was a sign of respect for our national bird.

In 2007, bald eagles were removed from the endangered species list. So evidently our detour of I-310 helped to save them.

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