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Burglars strike in Luling during Thanksgiving holiday

Jonathan Menard -   Dec 01, 2011

Four homes in Luling’s Mimosa Park neighborhood were burglarized during the Thanksgiving weekend while the homeowners were out of town, according to St. Charles Parish Sheriff Greg Champagne.

The homes are located in the 300 block of Mimosa and Wade streets and Champagne said it seems that all the homes were entered by a rear door or window. Authorities do not know the exact day or time that the burglaries occurred because no one witnessed the crime and the homeowners did not realize the thefts until they returned from vacation.

Some items stolen during the burglaries include jewelry, guns, televisions, a laptop, video game systems and a digital camera.

"We are closely watching the area and are interested in any information you may have," Champagne wrote in an email alert to residents. "Detectives are working the cases. Anyone in this general area should be vigilant for suspicious activity and notify 911 immediately if you see anything."

Champagne said an increase in theft is a usual occurrence as Christmas approaches, so he plans to increase the police presence in the parish by having more officers perform patrols.

Champagne’s administrative staff, training staff, internal affairs officers, assistant wardens, detective supervisors and deputies in office positions will supplement normal patrols during the day and in the evening.

"During the day we focus on neighborhoods, in the evening we focus on high traffic areas such as shopping malls, grocery stores, Wal-Mart and such," he said. "When you have more eyes on the streets, it deters crime."

Champagne added that it also gives staff members a chance to hone their street skills and bolsters morale among the employees.

Even though more officers will be on the streets to help deter those crimes, Champagne said residents need to take extra precautions.

"Please notify a neighbor whom you trust if you go out of town," he said. "Leave a light or TV on. Have the neighbor pick up newspapers or mail while you’re are away.

"Anything you can do to make it appear someone is home will go a long way towards deterring a would-be burglar."

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