God provides, protects even at baseball games

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By Harold Keller

Normally, Jeanne and I spend Saturday nights ministering at Fontainebleau Treatment Center. A recent remodeling of the facility gave us a rare, free Saturday night. While at a baseball game last Saturday afternoon, Louis Authement mentioned that his oldest son, Grant, who plays with the New Orleans Spice travel team, would later be playing in Hammond.

Also on the team are local athletes, Brady Hitt, Jared Keating, Dylan Martin, Shane McNeil, Tait Scioneaux, and Austin Vicknair. Jeanne quickly agreed to go with me, and I called my daughter, Ronny, to invite her. Soon after, we headed to Hammond to watch America’s favorite pastime.

I wish I could tell you how many baseball games I’ve attended, but I can’t begin to imagine the number. As a child, I listened to the New Orleans Pelicans games on the radio. I can still remember watching my son, Matt, hit his first homerun. Years later, Jeanne and I drove 21 hours in one day to see our grandson, Kameron, then 11 years old, play baseball in Kansas City.

What I remember about last Saturday’s game has nothing to do with the action on the field, but in the bleachers. As we took our seats behind home plate, I warned Jeanne and Ronny, “We have to watch for foul balls. There’s no covering here.” Other than that, I felt pretty safe. Apparently Eddie Hitt, Todd Keating, and Gary Heltz  felt safe, too, for they were seated next to me. Louis Authement’s wife, Dana, was enjoying the game from her seat in front of us. I wondered why Eddie and Todd’s wives were seated a little farther away, but you know me, I don’t like to ask questions!

Then it happened. In the third inning, a high foul ball was hit off the bat of Eddie’s son, Brady. I would like to report that I anticipated where the ball would land, reached over, and caught the ball with my bare hands. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it happened. I misjudged the ball, thought about making a feeble effort to defend Jeanne and Ronny, then gracefully and successfully dodged the ball. I think Ronny should have made an attempt to catch it, but the ball landed in the empty seat next to her.

Not long after, Ronny and Jeanne got up and went to sit in the two seats between Beth Hitt and Lori Keating. I think they felt safer there.

I realize that God is our Provider and Protector, even at baseball games. I’m certainly grateful my safety was not in the hands of Eddie, Todd, or Gary.

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