Is the world headed up or down?

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The world seems more dangerous than ever. Or is it because we have more communication about what is going on every minute of the day?

From the mideast to Japan, TV cameramen have been busy lately recording those events over and over again. And it hasn’t made our daily routines any easier worrying about how the other half of the world is living.

We saw the tsunami waves roll into the coast of Japan at least 100 times the day after it happened. And the Mideast unrest has been almost a full time fixture on our living room screen.

But are the dangers of our earthly existence greater today than in the past. If it is, some will blame it on the sinfulness of mankind being repaid by the wrath of God.

But God has no wrath. He created man and would not intentionally cause the anihilation of many innocent people because some have gone astray.

We have been given the opportunity of freedom to live our own lives in a world that is magnificent in most respects.

But it has its dangerous aspects that can produce earthquakes that cause tsunamis which flood the mainland and destroy its fixtures; and hurricanes that can tear down levees that hold back water.

No one knows how the world was created and why there are imperfections that can make living here difficult at times. Apparently we are not supposed to know those answers because by now, with humanity’s intelligence and technical abilities, we would understand it all.

So we must bear with the mysteries of the universe and seek to exist when such calamities occur. Meanwhile, we need to study the possibilities of such occurences in the future and try to determine the best ways to confront them.

Its a wonderful world we live in but it does provide its problems at times. We know that many are blaming the tsunami on global warming. After this past cold winter, we are wondering about global warming. Is it really causing the weather conditions that are creating our disturbances?

It deserves some study and maybe in the future we will know more of the answers to our problems. Maybe in one hundred, one thousand or one million years.

But meanwhile, we need to study the possibilities of the future. We must then make plans to react in a manner that will cause the least amount of disturbances when our civilization meets the natural forces of mother nature.

Get well, V. J.
We wish Parish President V. J. St. Pierre well in recovering from heart surgery this week. He is expected to be back at work sporadically within the next few weeks.

Fortunately he has a good team behind him. Rusty Walker will fill in as president for V. J. while he is recovering. His executive staff will continue to fulfill their roles in running the parish.

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