High school tightens dress code

HHS says new rules will be strictly enforced

By M. Susanne Hinkle

June 14, 2006 at 10:55 am  | Mobile Reader | Pring this storyPrint 

High school tightens dress code
West bank residents who have children that attend Hahnville High School may have gotten an automated message from the school advising parents that the dress code will be strictly enforced in the up-coming school year.

Officials at the high school announced that this year that students will follow the "Dress for Success" program that was piloted with much success in several schools within the district last school year.

After gathering information from the parent section of the NSSE survey and from student, parent and teacher focus groups, a decision was made to improve the dress code policy at HHS.

For example, students will be required to tuck in their shirts, avoid wearing baggy clothes or clothes with print and wear appropiate shoes.

In the past, uniform violations have resulted in unnecessary loss of instruction time for students. "We want all of our students to be dressed for success according to district guidelines and Hahnville High School's expectations," said Principal Barbara Fuselier.

According to Hahnville High School's recent release regarding dress code, "HHS is very proud of its students and their accomplishments. We want them to be successful in high school and beyond. Our goal is to have our students "Dress for Success" as we continue to build pride in our school.Ē

For more information concerning the District's Dress Code policy parents can refer to the Code of Conduct District Handbook section entitled: Student Dress Code Policy. It can be accessed on the Internet at†www.stcharles.k12.la.us by clicking on Students and then Code of Conduct.


In preparation for the upcoming school year, HHS officials are asking parents and students to pay close attention to the school's designated dress code and keep in the mind the following information:

•Pants must be worn as designed (i.e. pants at waist).

•Cargo pants are prohibited.

•Pants should have no trim or adornments (no extra stitched designs or added braids, etc.)

•School shirts must be white or purple.

•Baggy, sagging or oversized clothes are prohibited.

•Excessively tight clothing is prohibited.

•All tennis shoes must be tied appropriately (using all eyelets provided) and strapped if Velcro straps are attached.

•Backless shoes, house shoes, slippers and aqua socks are not allowed.

In addition to the above mentioned district dress code policy guidelines, HHS will enforce the following:

•All students must tuck in shirts. The shirt must remain tucked in even while seated.

•All shirt buttons must be fastened with the exception of the top button.

•Hooded outer garments are allowed, but the hood is not to be worn inside school buildings.

•Shrug jackets are not permissible (i.e. jackets that cover the upper torso only).

•If pants have belt loops, a belt must be worn.

•Hospital scrub pants are not permitted.

•Neither cell phones nor cell phone accessories should be visible.

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