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To the editor:
What will it take?
With all of the unbelievable U.S. and worldwide economic woes, I am wondering just how long it will take before the Obama Administration and the Democratic-controlled Congress catch on to the fact that Socialism will not work and will only totally ruin our economic system and our country.

President Bush and Secretary Paulson made a huge mistake starting the “bailout” ball rolling, and a lot of “experts” and Congressmen willingly went along with it.  Personally, I feel that revealing the “Housing Crisis” a short time before the Presidential election was more than a mere coincidence.  The vast majority of the media sided with Obama and believed his election would somehow be the salvation of our economic system and our country.  It appears to me that the economic chaos was induced and highly publicized by the media in a very successful campaign that brainwashed a huge number of voters into voting for the #1 liberal in Congress who preached a Socialist agenda from the beginning.  His association with highly radical individuals and groups should have made it clear that he was not the best choice for the most powerful job in the world. 

For many reasons, large numbers of voters chose to ignore the warnings.

Psychologically, the media used fear tactics to scare people into not spending or borrowing.  This, along with the revelation that the housing market was facing a type of Armageddon that would shake the U.S. and world economic systems into a financial freefall, brought smiles to the faces of our enemies and other failed Socialist systems.
And the bailout bills recently passed without a single Republican vote in the House and only 3 “RINO” Republican Senators, prove the Obama Administration is hardly reaching out to be “bi-partisan” in its approach.  Charlie Melancon, who calls himself a “Blue-Dog Democrat,” was apparently the only Louisiana representative to support the recent $750-1 trillion bailout bill which is firmly loaded with “pork-barrel” spending by both political parties (approximately 60% Democrat and 40% Republican).  Sadly, this is just the beginning of bailout bills. 

President Obama was right when he stated that this was the “beginning of the end.”  He obviously meant the economic “crisis” (a term he used in a recent speech 24 times).  This really must inspire a lot of confidence among people of the U.S. and world and our financial markets.  When Democrats took control of Congress over two years ago, the stock market was over 14,000 (Dow). As I write this, it is in the 6800 range!! It has plummeted nearly every day since

Inauguration Day on January 21, an event estimated to cost up to $175 million.  The same goes for the NASDAQ and the S&P 500.  My view is that this is the “beginning of the end of capitalism and the U.S. role as the #1 superpower in the world.”

If these are “stimulus” bills, the only thing they are stimulating is poverty and the destruction of the greatest economic system in history—capitalism.  Our IRAS and 401k plans are worth about half or less than before this mess.  Our homes are worth less as well and the housing and credit markets are dead in many parts of the country.  We cannot endure as a country when one-half of the working population supports the other half, who pay nearly no federal income taxes.  How can we have faith in the federal government who created this mess with the Community Reinvestment Act passed by Congress and signed by President Clinton?  We are heading beyond a 12 trillion dollar deficit. 

The feds “insure” our money in banks through the FDIC!  What does this even mean?  How will they pay people if banks fail by the hundreds?  Print more money and add to the deficit until the dollar is worth next to nothing?  When will people get paid?   Are we a nation of suckers and fools?

Every citizen should be bombarding our representatives and senators for answers.  As Lincoln said,  “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”  Which group do we as citizens belong to?  Do nothing and we may end up a nation of paupers whose children and grandchildren are mortgaged for eternity!  If you are looking forward to emulating the failed Socialist systems of Cuba, the former USSR and North Korea, then what may be coming should be your “Utopia.”

Frank Whiteside
Des Allemands

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