Destrehan powerlifters show strength, technique and stamina

For the first time, DHS students compete in a sport unlike any other seen on their campus ... POWERLIFTING

Heather R. Breaux
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POWERFUL LIFT. Destrehan High School student Quinn Mautemps was one of three powerlifters at this school to qualify for the state competition.
Photo by Brooke Bourg
POWERFUL LIFT. Destrehan High School student Quinn Mautemps was one of three powerlifters at this school to qualify for the state competition.
Powerlifting is a strength sport, consisting of three events: the squat, the bench press and the deadlift - all of which resemble Olympic weightlifting because of the heavy lifting required.

And powerlifting coach Brooke Bourg says that Destrehan's newly formed team has all the skills necessary like strength and technique to be successful on the mat.

"Powerlifting is not like body building," said Bourg. "It's more about strength and power."

Bourg, who has competed professionally in powerlifting for seven years, says that there was an interest at Destrehan for the sport and wanted to form a team.

"More than 20 people attended the initial powerlifting meeting," said Bourg. "And now we've got a team of 15 including one girl."

Bourg says that in order to be a successful powerlifter your muscles must have the endurance to withstand the sport and perform in events.

In the squatting event, the athlete stands under a racked barbell which is loaded with weight. Grabbing the bar from behind, it is placed on the back below the upper trapezius muscles, settling sort of on a shelf.

The bench press is the second event where the athlete lies on a bench and a loaded barbell rests on stands built into the bench above the eye level of the lifter. The athlete then moves the bar from the supports with the aid of a spotter, lowers it to the chest, pauses, and then presses it up to the full extension of the arms.

In the event deadlifting, a loaded barbell is placed on the floor. The athlete reaches down, grasps the bar, and litfs it until the legs and back are straight and upright, and the chest proud. The bar is then returned to the floor.

Bourg points out that although the DHS team is still in its infancy stages that the team did well with Bobby Gorman, Quinn Mautemps and Matt Ramos competing on the state level.

"The was a successful first season," said Bourg. "Three of my guys went to state and we've had some really great junior varsity meets."

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