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Puzzle provided by State Point Media
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1. Thunder and audiences do it

5. Likely or inclined

8. Spiritedness

12. Do over

13. Strauss’ “____ Danube”

14. Shylock demanded a pound of it

15. Affirm with confidence

16. Yesteryear

17. A in AV

18. Capulets’ rivals

20. British tax

21. “Welcome to our humble ____”

22. Follows Nov.

23. Halloween icon

26. Not much ado about it

30. King Kong, e.g.

31. Opposite of victory

34. “White Wedding” Billy

35. River in Hades whose caused forgetfulness

37. Hawaiian welcome

38. Middle of back

39. Black and white cookie

40. Four quarts

42. South American tuber

43. “Shakespeare in Love”star

45. “____ your seatbelts”

47. ____ Paulo

48. Chewy candy

50. More than once around

52. Time of Shakespeare’s fairy-induced dream

56. Bebop’s former name

57. It reaches the high notes

58. Boy in Australia

59. Stops

60. Filth or grime

61. Butter substitute

62. Miners’ bounty, pl.

63. ____ Fernando Valley

64. “____ we forget”


1. To study last minute

2. Russian left

3. Port in Yemen

4. Entry point to the Web

5. Not silently

6. Put through a blender

7. Golf pegs

8. Component of S&P 500

9. Communists

10. Osiris’ wife

11. Exclamation of surprise

13. Past or former

14. Polished surface of gem

19. Follow rules

22. ____-com company

23. Lively dance in duple time

24. Verdi’s opus

25. East Indian pepper

26. Victim of nervous biting

27. Dostoevsky’s “The ____”

28. The present occasion

29. Slowly discover or find out

32. Defect

33. Unagi

36. Popular hang-outs

38. State of complete confusion

40. Rock band ___ Goo Dolls

41. Compensating equivalent

44. Harsh grating sounds

46. Representative of something else

48. Shinbone

49. Decorate or add beauty

50. Shakespeare’s famous king

51. Physical or mental ability

52. ‘60s British teenagers

53. A spy

54. “Love looks not with the ____ but with the mind” -- Shakespeare

55. Ginger or carrot, e.g.

56. 17th letter of Greek alphabet


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