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GUILTY PLEASURE: Iíve got to admit it, Iím a soap opera fanatic!

Heather R. Breaux
January 30, 2008 at 11:56 am  | Mobile Reader | Pring this storyPrint 

These days I find that the best way to escape reality and unwind from a long day at the office is to sit down with a tall glass of white wine and spend an hour with my favorite daytime soap opera, Days of Our Lives.

Thatís right! Thereís nothing better than forgetting my problems with a little distraction from the alternate reality that can be found in a small town by the name of Salem.

Soap operas are no longer just the pastime of stay-at-home housewives. With todayís technology, anyone can enjoy the twist and turns of televisionís greatest dramatic series.

And thanks to the masterminds behind the DVR - digital video recorder - I never miss an episode.

Days of Our Lives is on auto-record, which means that I can watch it when I want.

For as long as I can remember, my mother has always been a fan of soap operas. On any given day I can call her and when asked what sheís doing sheíll say, "Iím watchiní my soaps."

I never really understood the following of soap operas until I saw a commercial for an episode of Days of Our Lives when I stayed home sick one day in high school.

I donít remember if I was actually sick or just pretending, but what I do remember was a 20-second advertisement that depicted one of the showís main characters possessed by demons.

I immediately thought, "This is wild," and had to tune in. And ever since Iíve been hooked.

I realized that the events that occurred in the fictional world of soap operas were so far from the moments that we experience in real life, that I had to watch just to see what would happen next.

Iíve seen characters who have been kidnapped, lost their memory, sent to a deserted island only to return home to the ones they love.

Iíve seen family feuds, marital affairs and twins born from the same mother only to have different fathers.

Forget the raging antics of the Jerry Springer Show, nothing can compare to the rage seen on a network soap opera.

And let me not forget that Destrehanís own Shelley Hennig has found a home in the world of daytime fantasies.

Yeah, you remember her. She was once crowed as Miss Teen USA, and let me just say that sheís done a great job of playing Stephanie Wilson on Days of Our Lives.

The wild-eyed brunette replaced the former red-headed character and has really stepped up to play the part of a race car driver slash college sorority sister.

But the character I relate to the most is Stephanieís father, Steve.

Many years ago, Steve had an injury that left him wearing an eye patch. And considering my current vision problems, I know what itís like to see the world through one eye.

But let me just say that Steve is probably the most handsome one-eyed man Iíve ever seen. No other man in this world could wear an eye patch and still look like a catalog model.

Sorry Iíve got to cut this short, but I think the play button on my remote control is just dying to be pressed.

So go ahead and join the bandwagon, and give in to your desire - watch a soap opera and let it all out.

Trust me, thereís nothing better than a Friday cliffhanger.

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