Big government means less freedom

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Is our federal government getting so big it is becoming a dictatorship?

Look at it this way - - the bigger our government gets, the less freedom its people possess. We have less money to use at our own discretion because we must turn over more of it to the federal government to use as it chooses. And we saw after Hurricane Katrina how efficiently it uses its money.
State Treasurer John Kennedy put it into perspective at the inauguration of our parish president and council last week.

Government at the lower levels are the most important because they represent the people more. They are closest to the taxpayers.

If we eliminated a lot of areas in which the federal government is involved, it could save a lot of money which would be kept by the taxpayers. Areas such as education for which Washington has a big Board of Education that does little in advancing the education of our children.

And with less federal taxes, states and local governments could have more financing for matters they can do better.
They are in a better position to serve their people because they are closer to them. And we could learn from other states and localities how to better serve our people by the ways in which they serve their’s.  We would learn by example from that diversity.

Of course, our bureaucracy in Washington does not like to lose its power over the people. But if we are to be a country of the people, by the people and for the people, we should have that power.

We’re not saying the feds should give up all of its power. After all, it was created to provide freedom for its people. To do that, it must be powerful . . . but powerful in a way that will not infringe on those freedoms it is supposed to protect.

When we are thinking about who to elect as our federal officials this year, we should consider those facts and decide whose platforms would provide the most freedoms for all of our people. Tom Jefferson would approve of us doing that.

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