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See puzzle answers below.
Puzzle provided by Statepoint Media
See puzzle answers below.
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1. A quarterback takes this

5. “____ to the Bone”

8. Wheel shaft

12. A coniferous tree

13. Tennis great Sampras

14. Flirtatious stares

15. Highly excited

16. Deserter

17. Pocket change

18. Showtime at Super Bowl

20. Football’s defensive or offensive teams

21. A lament for the dead

22. Fighter great Clay

23. Early Japanese military title

26. Super Bowl ‘08 site

30. European Union

31. Slanting character

34. “Happily _____ after”

35. Hemorrhage

37. Relieve from

38. Habitual practice

39. ____ Bator, Mongolia

40. Food served and eaten at one time

42. 252-gallon cask

43. 3-time Super Bowl MVP

45. Nobel Prize-winning nun

47. American Heart Association

48. Resin-producing tree

of New Zealand

50. Striped Christmas candy

52. Won 3 of last 6 Super Bowls prior to ‘08

55. Latin party dance

56. Desert climate

57. Genealogy plant

59. Near the wind

60. To bank on

61. Garner wages

62. Ilium, e.g.

63. Rocker Adam

64. Used in making

whiskey, pl.


1. Health resort

2. Near in space

3. Dwarf buffalo

4. Pirates leg?

5. Cover with wig

6. Skeleton, archaic

7. Mark for omission

8. Suffers anguish

9. ‘08 Super Bowl

10. Christian fasting period

11. Female suffix

13. Inventor's reward

14. Round openings in architecture

19. Fl., as in fl. oz.

22. Part of circle

23. It moistens and protects skin with perspiration

24. Initial greeting

 25. Clooney in “Ocean’s Eleven”

26. Verdi’s popular opera

27. Rounded like an egg

28. Spiced hot wine

29. NBA venue

32. Equals length times width

33. Backtalk

36. Snarl or entrap

38. Wombs

40. DNA transmitter

41. Stoutly constructed

44. In front

46. Extreme disobedient protester

48. One of “The Carpenters”

49. Leaning

50. Kind of salmon

51. Shakespeare’s “at another time”

52. “For” in Spanish

53. Cafeteria helper

54. Dried-up, as in vegetation

55. Taxi

58. Half the width of ems in printing


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United Way of St. Charles
United Way of St. Charles United Way of St.Charles has been working to improve lives in St.Charles Parish since 1955. We are committed to bringing the community together to deliver lasting changes throughout the parish in the ares of education, income & health.

Parish still has no plan in place to repay  misspent taxpayer money
Parish still has no plan in place to repay misspent taxpayer money
Opinions vary on whether Parish President V.J. St. Pierre’s administration must find a way to repay or rectify a finding by the Louisiana Attorney General that they unconstitutionally provided $140,000 worth of free dumpsters to parish residents over a four-year period.