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Good Morning Cletus:
Like I said in the past, I'm not opposed to gaming, if that is what people want to do with their spare time and money. I introduced the ordinance that I created because I wanted to see a venue where the public and the council could have input into the process.

I voted for the ordinance that Mr. Hillaire sponsored because that is what the people of District 7, at least the one's that called or emailed me, or went to the council meeting, told me to do. I imagine that I will vote to over-ride the veto also.

I'm glad to hear there will be no impact to you by the new establishment. I just thought since you are involved in some community matters, you may have liked the idea of having an avenue that would allow you to give your opinion.  As far as having a town hall meeting related to my ordinance requiring the activity to be considered as a special use and subsequent public hearing, I didn't believe there was a need.

The folks that were directly impacted by the new establishment were informed of my intentions and were all in agreement. In reality, there were two public hearings on my sponsored ordinance and if anyone was interested in voicing their opposition or approval, there was adequate opportunity to do so. To answer your question regarding the video bingo establishment being a crime center, I guess it could be just as easily as it may not be. I guess that is an individual decision that one may have to make.

Lastly, I didn't choose to have a public debate with you regarding this issue. I simply answered your email with my response like I thought you expected me to do. I mailed my response to you and the people you sent the email to. As for the issue of public funding being used to assist people with problems stemming from gambling addictions; yes, in many areas of this country a portion of public funds, along with mandated revenue streams from gaming establishments, are used to entirely fund, or partially fund, social services that deal with gaming addictions.

Finally, I agree with you, this issue will probably end up in a court of law. However, whatever the outcome, it will not change my belief that the application was hastily awarded and there should have been a venue for the public to be notified and they should have had the opportunity to give their input.

Barry Minnich,

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