Is climate change a natural thing?

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Amidst all of the natural disasters that have befallen us, there comes a bright spot on the planet. Greenland is growing vegetables more than ever. It is getting warmer there and, as a result, the great ice sheet in northern Greenland is melting at a more rapid pace.

It’s good for that big arctic island. The people there love it. They are enjoying longer crop-producing summers and outdoor time. And the forests are getting greener and bigger.

But it may not be so good for us along the Louisiana coast. When ice melts in the arctic, the water flows into the oceans of the world and sea level gets higher. And the Gulf of Mexico rises.

We know what that means. Louisiana gets more accessible to flooding during storm surges. Our broken up coast would invite the water in.

This phenomenon in Greenland is definitely a climate change. Whether or not mankind is causing it by extensive use of fossil fuel  remains to be seen.

Other strange happenings are occuring here in the United States. One of the most serious droughts in history is currently underway along the eastern seaboard. Atlanta, reportedly is about to run out of fresh water.

At the same time, Louisiana has had record rainfalls this year which was preceded in recent years with scatterings of droughts. We’re not sure that climates have ever been consistent for long periods of time anywhere in the world.
Meanwhile out in California, fires are raging through the forests as though the air has heated up? If so, why has Louisiana been so wet?

If we are on the way to a warmer world because of our own misdeeds, we may not be able to stop it right away. We may have to accomodate it for a while until we can redo our way of living that has caused it. The folks up in Greenland won’t mind.

But we certainly don’t want these changes to continue growing in the way they are going permanently. If we are to live here, we have to do it in a way that will keep us alive and healthy.

We need two plans. One is to start taking steps that will reduce the lifestyles that could be causing the problem such as the excessive use of fossil fuels. The other is to put our best minds to work on trying to find the real causes of climate changes and then work to stabilize it so we will know this earth can continue to be an inviting place in which to live.   

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