Herald-Guide supports Jindal for Governor

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The next governor could do a lot for the future of our state - - whether we continue with the type of favoritisms that have led to corruption and unequal benefits and privileges for our citizens or a new posture that promises them fair and equal treatment.

One candidate in the coming race stands out in mark contrast to the patterns of the past.

Bobby Jindal speaks fast but his words have solid meaning. His intellectual mind has thought it through thoroughly and we believe he is prepared to give our state a new outlook.

Weíre not condemning the other candidates. They all have their qualities.

But Jindal appears to offer a new type of leadership - - one with a vision that goes beyond where we have been and can take full advantage of our many assets.

Louisiana is rich, no matter what anyone says. We have the greatest river in the world running through us to international markets. Our wetlands produce most of the commercial fish in the continental U. S. And our oil industry is fluorishing and can grow much more in the future as a result of the $2.9 billion sale of oil rights offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. And yet, we have not put our foot forward to take full advantage of these resources.

The right person in Baton Rouge should be able to make all of this pay off for us. And we think Jindal can do it.

He rose fast through the ranks as a very young man to hold important posts in the state and nation. He has gained experience on the Washington scene as Congressman which should prepare him well to get the stateís fair share of attention from the nationís capital.

Restoration of our coast is the biggest project lying ahead for our state. But we have many other serious issues to be faced, including health care, education and continued recovery from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Turning the state around to serve the state at large rather than individual interests would bring us the prosperity we could have.

And we believe Bobby Jindal can do that.

Mitch Landrieu has done an effective job as lieutenant governor and he should be re-elected.

In addition to replacing the governor in times of need, his position is also head of the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism. He is sharp and agressive and in the latter respect, he has been quite an effective salesman for the state.

Though he is a Democrat and Jindal is a Republican, we believe the two are above politics enough to be able to work effectively together. And, besides, party politics has never played a big part in the stateís political picture.

The Herald-Guide also supports Mike Strain for commissioner of agriculture, Jim Donelon for commissioner of insurance, Jay Dardenne for secretary of state, and Royal Alexander for attorney general. These candidates have shown they have the knowledge and experience to be successful in the positions they are seeking.

Of the four constitutional amendments, the Herald-Guide recommends a vote against proposed Amendments 1, 2 and 3 and for Amendment 4. The first three would tie the state into the possibility of excess expenditures it possibly could not afford in the future. The fourth would exempt property tax on jewelry that is on sale in jewelry stores, a privilege enjoyed now by artists who have artwork on sale. Sales taxes resulting from the sale of the jewelry would help make up for the lost property taxes.

Herald-Guide does not endorse candidates for local offices because, in a small community, it is difficult to assess qualifications of candidates, many of whom are neighbors, in an objective way. We do recommend that voters study what the candidates have done in the past and vote for those they feel can do best for the jobs they are seeking.

Above all, be sure to vote on October 20. Remember - - bad public officials are elected by good people who donít vote!

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