Can Dr. Hillary save us?

Major changes could come with election

September 27, 2007 at 8:10 am  | Mobile Reader | Pring this storyPrint 

At this point in the presidential campaign, it appears that Sen. Hillary Clinton will be our next president. (Long pause for some expected regurgitations and other expressions of illness.)

And with realization of that expected outcome will be her new version of universal health care.

We’re not entirely against universal health care. It almost ranks up there with universal freedom for our people.

But do we really want the government to be the determining factor on what kind of health care we get? And how much it costs our taxpayers?

This is the same government that brought us hurricane relief - - late and never - - and paid through the nose for what we did get - - like $1.5 million to rent a portable 50-foot dam for one month instead of buying the dam thing for $650,000 so we could use it over and over again. And then there are FEMA trailers rotting away in waste here and there.

Government has its purposes, alright. It is to protect the people from infraction of their rights, from injury and other types of physical intrusions, from theft and damage to our goods. Protecting us so we can enjoy our rights as free citizens is its main purpose. It is not to provide us with the products and equipment with which to exercise those rights the way we please.

Michael Moore’s movie “Sicko” gave a good accounting of how a system of universal health care could operate. It appears to be a blessing for Canada, England, France and Cuba. But it seems to show only the good aspects of such a system. We’re sure if government operates those health care systems, there is some bad in it.

We’d like to see the other side of the picture before we go whole hog into a system we’re stuck with for the rest of what could be our shortened lives. And a presidential campaign year is a good time to pursue that. Thank you, Hillary, for giving us this opportunity. So Mitt, Rudy, Marvin, Barack, John and whoever else might enter, get busy and show us all the facts.

Our Gov. Huey Long started a form of universal health care in Louisiana way back in the twenties and thirties with our charity hospitals. If you couldn’t afford a doctor, you could go to Charity and sometimes get treatment quicker and with better equipment. That system still stands for the poor but, with new expensive types of treatment, it does not provide all services and middle class families without insurance can’t get them either.

If we have a form of universal health care, should it be a service of the federal government or the state? Our public education systems are operated by the states, why not health care? Smaller is usually more efficient which leads one to believe states could give individuals more positive attention.

We suspect that major changes will come about to our health care system while the next administration is in office and now, during the campaign, is the time to start hearing more about the possibilities. They should include how our present system of private practice of medicine and health insurance can be improved to keep all of our people healthier without too much government interference.

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