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After nearly three weeks on medical leave due to must-have eye surgery to repair the retina in my right eye, Iíve finally made my way back to the office and Iíve got to say that sitting in my comfy desk chair feels like home.

Donít get me wrong - the lazy days of sitting around the house in my pajamas watching day-time television and having my family members take turns waiting on me hand and foot are definitely days to remember, but I truly did miss being at work and seeing my colleagues on a daily basis.

For the first ten days after my surgery I was required to lay face down for a total of 22 hours a day in order to help the newly-placed gas bubble implant behind my retina stay in place.

It was a situation that I dreaded, but I must admit that staring at the ground really wasnít that bad.

I could only listen to the sounds around me, and it is amazing how heightened your other senses become when one is impaired.

I slept probably more than I think Iíve slept in years the first few days of my strict face-down recovery.

But once the haze of the pain medicine wore off, I was all ears.

I caught up on my own audio-version of Oprah, Dr. Phil and my favorite television indulgence, the soap opera Days of Our Lives.

And when the credits rolled for those programs, I got my fill of courtroom reality shows.

Not only is there the infamous Judge Judy, but thereís Divorce Court and countless other small-claims court television programs.

I learned so much about the law and the crimes that people commit that if for some unfortunate reason this journalist gig doesnít work out I could probably land a job in the legal profession with an honorary degree in courtroom dramatics.

The retina surgery was my first since I was three months old and my doctors say that the total recovery process will take almost two months. My eye is extremely bruised and bloodshot and very sensitive to light.

I canít open it all the way yet and the pain makes itself known from time to time.

But I donít get discouraged. This process has made me a stronger person by testing the limits of my patience.

I would like to send out a warm and heart-felt thank you to my parents, grandparents and my sister for helping me through those first few weeks with love and understanding, and to my fiance Sean - I know that it has been hard to see me in such a compromising position. You are my heart and I thank you for standing by me.

To my co-workers, thank you for the flowers and the card - youíll never know how much that special delivery meant to me.

And last, but certainly not least, to my readers, your get-well emails and sweet words of encouragement will be etched in my memory for a long time to come. Thank you.

I look forward to continuing my career as Lifestyles and Sports Editor for the St. Charles Herald-Guide.

And all I can say is that it feels great to be back.

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