Who says there wonít be a governorís race? In Louisiana? Surely, you jest!

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One would think the presidential race is tomorrow and the governorís race a year away with the amount of campaigning going on for each.

But, in fact, qualifying for the October gubernatorial primary will be held in less than three months and the first of the state party primaries for president not until next year. We will elect a new governor this fall and a new president late next year.

And yet we have heard multitudes of campaign rhetoric from Hillary, Barrack, Rudy, John and others on the national scene but very little from the guys who want to move up in Baton Rouge.

Some pollsters claim Cong. Bobby Jindal is so far ahead that there will be no governorís race. That is hard to believe in Louisiana.

In a race where the incumbent has declared she will not run for re-election, there is bound to be some competition.

Foster Campbell in north Louisiana was the first to declare his intentions. When the state Republican committee gave its official endorsement to Jindal, Walter Boasso, then a Republican, took offense. So he switched to the Democratic party and hopes to become their lead candidate.

Other prospects who could have run a good race declined to enter the fray. Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu, a Democrat, said he will seek re-election which should be a snap.

Treasurer John Kennedy, also a Democrat, announced he will seek re-election also. It is reported that he will later become a Republican and challenge Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu when her term expires next year.

But fear not. Louisiana is bound to have some excitement when at least two wannabes try to chop the big front-runner down to size in the governorís race..

Remember Mike Foster? He was relatively unknown when he started running small newspaper ads 12 years ago and emerged the winner over the biggies. Buddy Roemer also scored the impossible by beating the crown jewel of Louisiana politics, Edwin Edwards.

Stay tuned. Thereís bound to be a lot of politics ahead in the governorís race.

This is Louisiana.

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