Al Gore is quite the comedian

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It’s hard not to like Al Gore, whether you agree with him politically or not.

Sunday night at the Academy Awards, the movie in which he dominated almost every scene, “The Inconvenient Truth,” was in the race for best documentary. And as expected, it won.

After Leonardo DiCaprio presented Gore the award, they chit chatted a bit about the content of the movie.

And then DiCaprio asked him if there was anything else he wanted to announce.

Of course, throughout last week, there was speculation that Gore would declare his candidacy for President when he received the award. What an opportunity with millions upon millions of would-be voters looking on.

And with a smug smile on his face, Gore indicated that there was as he reached into his lapel pocket for a sheet of paper.

But as he unfolded it, he laughed which indicated he and DiCaprio were making it a joke.

He did not declare his candidacy. Though he may in the future.

Gore has always seemed to take things in a light and friendly spirit.

But he is dead set in pursuing the task of making the earth safe for future generations.

Most scientists seem to agree with Gore that chemical layers above the earth’s atmospherecaused by the use of fossil fuels on earth and other components of modern day living are keeping the warm air in which will melt the ice caps and increase the volume of water in the oceans.

And lo and behold if that happens. Much of Louisiana will be under water.

Some scientists, however, claim that the global warming we are experiencing is caused by volcano heat from the earth’s center which people have no control over.

Others claim that it is a normal fluctuation in the earth’s atmosphere and other ice ages will appear in the future.

Of course, during the last few weeks, it does not appear that we have had any global warming at all with all of the brutally cold weather northerners have been experiencing.

Perhaps it is a fluctuation in a fluctuation.

But the matter deserves study and Al Gore deserves praise for pursuing it.

Whether he is running for President or not.

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