Let’s stop playing this meaningless game before someone gets hurt

Kristian Garic
February 14, 2007 at 2:19 pm  | Mobile Reader | Pring this storyPrint 

Did you watch the NFL Pro Bowl? Did you care about it? You might want to start caring.

I didn’t watch it, and thank goodness I didn’t because I probably would have had a heart attack if I had seen Drew Brees dislocate his left elbow.

My heart jumped into my throat when I saw the replay of the injury on TV. It could have been worse.

From what I saw he is lucky to walk out of that game with just an elbow injury that now doesn’t appear to be all that significant - on a play that he got rolled by an AFC player at the knees.

Should they even have the Pro Bowl?

If you are asking me I say not "no" but "HELL, NO!" If you ask the NFL they will say "HELL, YES," followed by the resounding cha-ching of a cash register, because that is exactly what that game is to them.

It is a cash cow that brings football outside the continental United States, that is, Hawaii, where it is played.

What would the players have to say about the game if they could be honest without getting into trouble with the NFL?

I don’t know, but I guess they would prefer to "participate" and not play.

Participate in the off-field pre-game festivities mixed in with playing some great rounds of golf on the plush fairways of beautiful Hawaii.

The players like the game because it is a free trip to the island paradise that they can parlay into a family vacation, not to mention they get a sizeable check to “participate” in the game.

This is a contact sport, you can’t play this game at half speed, but the pros do just that and we see the result - an injury to Brees!!

They play at half speed to prevent injuries when in fact they are more prone to getting injured because the strange and uncertain pace of the game.

Is it worth getting an NFL icon injured? Is it worth losing a franchise quarterback for the entire upcoming season? No - and no again!

Would we be talking about this if it were another team’s quarterback that avoided a potential devastating injury? Probably, but not with the same vigor and intensity! The NFL wants this game for one reason - as I said, to make money.

Now the NBA and Major League Baseball have their All-Star games in mid-season. Can the NFL do that? No way!

Can you imagine if this game were held in mid-season and Drew was hurt and out for 6-8 weeks of the regular season because of a meaningless game between all-stars?

The NFL has only two options! Don’t play the game or continue to play the game. I wouldn’t bet on the NFL not playing the “game” no,r should I say, “participating” in the game!

There is too much money to be made in Pro Bowl. Why can’t they just anoint players "pro bowlers" and be done with it?

Why even play the game? You guessed it “Cha-ching”, “Benjamins”, “Bank Roll”, “Dead Presidents."

The NFL is great entertainment to all of us football-crazed individuals, but this is not football, this is just guys throwing the ball down the field making some tackles, posing for pictures and playing a couple of rounds of golf.

Oh, by the way- someone gets injured and their team's season hangs in the balance because of an avoidable injury.

While I love NFL football, this is a game I can do without! Which would you rather see, your favorite player in the Pro Bowl or your favorite player lining up when it counts ... for the HOME team?

You get my point!

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