Termite swarms should end soon, but slabs need to be checked monthly

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Termite swarms should end soon, but slabs need to be checked monthly
While termite swarms should subside by the end of June, residents need to check their slabs and bathrooms on a monthly basis to make sure the wood-eating insects havenít set up shop inside their homes.

Last month, Formosan termites swarmed St. Charles Parish two weekends in a row. Those termites are generally more aggressive than the native species.

“They will do twice the damage in half the time,” County Agent Rene’ Schmit said.

Homeowners that see termites inside their homes after a swarm shouldn’t panic though.

“If you see the termites in various areas of the home with wings, that’s usually from a swarm where they might have gotten stuck in the house,” Schmit said. “If you are seeing non-winged termites in bathrooms or kitchens, and you are seeing them on a week by week basis, you need to contact a pest control expert.”

Other signs of an infestation include seeing termites come out of wall sockets along with finding bore holes in drywall.

Formosan termites generally swarm from April until June, but Schmit is quick to stress that termite season is year-round in Louisiana.

“If there is an established colony that is feeding, it’s all year. It’s important to inspect slabs and look for mud tubes on a monthly basis,” he said. “In Louisiana, it’s imperative that you have some type of termite treatment.”

For more information on termites and termite control, contact Schmit at (985)785-4473.

To reduce risk for attracting termites, also consider the following maintenance tips:Reduce moisture•Provide for gutter downspouts to drain water away from your house, including air conditioning condensate.•Promptly fix any leaks in roof, gutters and plumbing.Eliminate earth-to-wood contact•Make sure wood is not in direct contact with the soil.•Store woodpiles or firewood away from the house and make sure they are raised off the ground.•Keep shrubs and flower gardens at least 12 inches away from the house.Minimize the amount of raw wood available•Replace rotted or destroyed structural wood with properly pressure treated wood.Inspect your property often for termites•Look for signs of infestation inside and outside of structures - mud tubes along the slab, siding, especially in crawl space, attic and bathroom.

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