Luling ‘miracle baby’ returns home months after emergency procedure

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Ryder Albarado weighed only one pound and 12 ounces when he was born. Doctors had to perform a risky surgery on Ryder’s mother, Lindsey, while he was in the womb. Both mother and son could have lost their lives during the procedure.
Ryder Albarado weighed only one pound and 12 ounces when he was born. Doctors had to perform a risky surgery on Ryder’s mother, Lindsey, while he was in the womb. Both mother and son could have lost their lives during the procedure.
A baby boy who was born 15 weeks premature last year after his mother had to undergo surgery for a medical emergency has finally been released to his family’s home in Luling.

After nearly four months in the hospital, Lindsey Albarado said the newest addition to the Albarado family, Ryder, was able to come and join her as well as his father, Todd, and sister, Mckinney.

The homecoming brings to an end a medical emergency that nearly cost both Lindsey and Ryder their lives.

Only 25 weeks pregnant last fall, Albarado was hospitalized with a high fever. After going to the hospital for what she thought would be a routine check up, doctors found her colon had ruptured and that both her life as well as Ryder’s were at stake unless they underwent an emergency procedure to repair the damage.

Although doctors hoped to prevent Albarado from going into labor, only four days after the successful surgery her water broke and Ryder was delivered weighing in at one pound and 12 ounces.

Babies born at 25 weeks are generally given a 50 percent survival rate and Ryder was no exception. Luckily for the Albarados, their infant son was stable as his lungs were developed enough to properly breathe, albeit with the assistance of a ventilator.

Week after week and month after month, both Lindsey and Ryder recuperated from the emergency situation. As Ryder’s original due date of Jan. 2 passed, he was over three months old already and still hospitalized while Lindsey was returning to work.

Going about her life as her son was still hospitalized was difficult for her, but Albarado said he was well taken care of as she and other family members took shifts watching the baby boy.

Albarado said the circumstances surrounding Ryder’s birth have been hard to handle, but she is happy everything has turned out well.

“We’ve had an amazing support system with our friends and family and prayer. We have people praying for us all over the country and our faith has really allowed us to have a piece in this and trust that God is in control and that we trust his plan,” she said.  

After undergoing three surgeries to repair two hernias and to fix a small problem with his eyes, Ryder’s health is stable.

Albarado said while her son still has a long way to go to become self sufficient, everyone involved with his care has been pleased with his progress.

“He’s really alert and he’s real funny and expressive. He has eyes just like his sister. He is seven pounds and nine ounces as of today,” she said. “He looks like a normal little baby other than being on oxygen. He’s on oxygen, an apnea machine and a monitor to monitor his heart rate.”

For now, the family just hopes to help Ryder catch up with milestones other babies his age are hitting and to have a happy and healthy childhood.

Part of that is ensuring that Ryder’s relationship with the rest of the family is secure. Lindsey said although her relationship with Ryder was much different than that of the one that developed with her daughter, Mckinney, the mother and son have adapted well.

“Once he got off the ventilator and I was able to hold him as much as I wanted it has been good,” she said. “It was hard at first, even for me. It was hard to get close to him because you didn’t have that initial born, but it just happens. It is kind of amazing how that bond just forms and it is there.”  

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