Dear Santa,

Des Allemands and New Sarpy first graders want everything from baby dolls and puppies to pizza and iPods, these cute letters tell the tale

Heather R. Breaux
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Dear Santa,
I want makeup. I want a computer, a camera and animls and earrings. Santa you are cyout. Does it snow a lot. I like you. I want a little pup.
Love, Ester Lagos

Dear Santa,
I want an iPod and a selfon and a drum set. Has it been snowing. I want a Baby Alive.
Love, Elizabeth Nelligan
Dear Santa,
I want a drum set. I want a Xbox.
Love, Joel Vieages

Dear Santa,
I love you. Come to my house. I have been real good.
Love, Joshua Rathburn
Dear Santa,
I want an iPod Nano. And a saw pown. And a piprowne pessa.
Love, Samson Matthews

Dear Santa,
I want a sel pone, a redo and a new bed and a gum ball and a eye pod. I want a presents. I want a car. I want a new shirt. I want a nuw srht. I want a drum set.
Love, Karianna Wilson

Dear Santa,
I want a iPod, bug macker, soccer ball, football, anow globe, poster, dart board, red game boy, Xbox 360, fishing eckwitmint. I have been good.
Love, Ben Cribbs

Dear Santa,
I hope you are doing good. I want a real gun. I want a iPod. I have been good. I want a Xbox 360.
Love, Torbin Breit

Dear Santa,
I want a laptop. I want a raser bike. I want a poster, games, gum, pizza, seafood and a snow globe. I’m good.
Love Brandi Chilton

Dere Santa,
I want a hocetalole and a iPod. I want a Bratz movie. I want a panting kit. I want the human boty.
Love, Layne Carlson
Dear Santa,
I want a blak baby doll and a cra with a hiy sese. Hows Ms. Cols. A toy piano.
Love, Kyra Cowart

Dir Santa,
I want a gam cewb. I wat a tapblen. I want a ex box.
Love, Dominick Bonura
Dear Santa,
I want a trampaline. I want a scooter. I want a black game boy. I want a black puppy.
Love, Nicholas DeLaune

Dear Santa,
I want a drum set and all dragunballz toys and a gamecube and a psp portable and a iPod and a iDog and games: More Hops 3 on 3 and Fly Wills and Spongebob Returns from the Krusty Krab.
Love, Dellary Oubre

Dear Santa,
I want Baby Alive for crismas. How are you dowing. Are yore rendere redy. My baby brother wants Elmo. My school is at New Sarpy. How are you filing. I want a trampoline. I want a Barbie Vialin. I want a Barbie Deana. I will be sleepoing on the sofa. I hope you come. I want a white kitten.
Love, Calli Pitzen

Dear Santa,
I want a D.S. game, Yoshi’s Isalnd. I want Kirby’s Isalnd. I want Battle to Volcano Isalnd. I want a drum set and a clairornet to. I want a black puppy.
Love, Trevon Baudoin

Dear Santa,
I want a pink radio. I want pink shoes. I want pink computer. I want a pink computer. I want a pink trampoline. I want pink jewelry, blue jewelry, yellow jewelry. I want pink electric scooter.
Love, Emily Gueho

Dear Santa,
I like and love you. You are pretty. I want a computer for Christmas. I want a doll. I know when it December is. You are cool. You are fun.
Love, D’Iveon Francois

Dear Santa,
I want a Xbox. I hope I get a blue computer. Could you give me a game boy.
Love, Immanuel Schmidt

Dear Santa,
I want minuo faza (Mignot Faget) and a pink and purple for wheeler and a pink and purple camera and a pink cumputer.
A red and pink and purple bike. I want a pink desc.
Love, Terri Dennis

Dear Sandu,
I wont 2 robot dogs, an N-Strike.
I want a pockman for my gameboy advans, a loptop, a robot man wihf blue eyes and the red eyes and $1,000.
Your friend, Grant Breaux

Dear Santa,
I want some moon shoues. I also want a bag of some moon sand and I want some play stashen games. I also want a for wheeler.
Love, Madison Byrd (left)

Dear Sater,
I want $200 dollars. I will love a big box of yougeow cards. I want a big swiming pool. I love you Santu. I wot a croch rockit.
Love, Pat Gordon (right)

Dear Santa,
I wint you to git me a play sasing. I wint you to git me a game for my gamecube and a game for my gameboy.
Your friend, Maegan Breaux

Dear Santa,
I want a ESPN Fast Action Football game.I also want a Batman coloring book and Spiderman coloring book. I also want a Gameboy game calld Cars and Super Mario.
Love, Colin Vedros

Dear Sata,
I rily want a Xbox 360 for crismis and please tell the elfs because I don’t have one at home.
Love, Kimani

Der Sant,
I want you to bring me a magckoll sled. I alsow want a Plastashon 2. I want Justic Lenge game. Is your sled reley magicol? I want to help your elvs.
Love, Jamyron Mott

Dear Santo,
I want a new gameboy, a game for it, and a 4 wheller. I hav ben a good boy.
Your friend, Byron

Dear Santa,
Hi! Can I please have a dut bike? Can you please bing me a gras snak? I also want sum frogs. I’d like a babet tree.
Love, Landon Baudin

Dear Santa,
I wot a Xbox 360 and a WWE Stell Cage and WWE 2007 game and a new bike. I love you.
Love, Thomas

Dear Santo,
I will like a drt bike and a Plastshn and a gam boe. Whut dos your house look like.
Love, Terry

Dear Santa,
I wnt a Xbox 3, a tv and a vcr with a remote. Wer do you live Santa?
Luv, Trent

Dear Santa,
I want a tv with a dvd please. A brarbie please. A brat please. I bin good in school. Do you think I am good?
Love, Shalyn

Dear Sant,
I want you to bring me a red rasr and the movie Hi Scool Musicl. I want a prinses tv. What if the elf can’t mack toys, wher do you get them from?
Love, Abby Christen

Dear Santu,
How do the raderz fliy? Did you know that Mikea and Tatabug fel out the window? I wud like a rel baby set, play stashin and games for it. I’ve been good.
Love, Bailey

Dear Santa,
I will love you to bring me makup and a baby doll an clos for it. How for is the North Pole?
Love, Jessica Todd

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