Romney can lead our country better

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St. Charles Parish residents should be getting ready to take a trip to the polls Tuesday if they haven’t already done so. The job that lies ahead is significant, to say the least.

In addition to voting for or against nine proposed state constitutional amendments, they will have to make their choice for congressman. And many of the voters will be in a new congressional district. They will have to learn who the candidates are and what they stand for. It will be a whole new decision-making process for many.

The Herald-Guide does not endorse local and area candidates because it is difficult for a community newspaper to make a non-partisan choice when we know so many of the candidates personally. But we recommend you study their qualifications and viewpoints and vote for the ones who can fulfill the positions they seek best.

We do recommend voting for Mitt Romney for President and Paul Ryan for Vice President, primarily because they favor private enterprise to guide the country’s future. The main purpose of government should be to protect the freedoms of people and allow them to live in a protected environment. Of course, we should provide aid to those who need help, which can be included in a free enterprise system.

President Barack Obama has steered too much toward the socialist path which detracts from the freedom of people to develop the economy. Also, his administration is requiring people to pay for government programs that go against their religious beliefs, such as abortion. Why should people who believe it sinful be required to pay for it for other citizens, especially when it is not really necessary? That’s not freedom.

The first four years of this administration has not improved the economy of the nation or the stability of the world. In fact, we are in worse condition now than before.

The Middle East is almost in chaos and we have not taken significant steps to settle it down. As the strongest nation in the world and the most successful democracy, we certainly should be able to take the lead in clearing up the many adversities that face us in the world today.

President Obama has not come up with a plan that offers to help cure many of the problems that face our country and world. Mitt Romney and his running mate offer new visions of how we can solve many of our problems and make this a better world in which to live.

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Man suspected of indecent behavior with a juvenile arrested Tuesday night
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