EEK! Parish woman lives with ghosts

By Susan Christie, MSW
October 25, 2006 at 12:42 pm  | Mobile Reader | Pring this storyPrint 

SEEING THE UNSEEN? Susan Christie says she lives with ghosts that she can see, sense - and feel.
SEEING THE UNSEEN? Susan Christie says she lives with ghosts that she can see, sense - and feel.
I live with ghosts.

But even though the experience can be startling, I’ve never been afraid.

I've heard them. I've been touched by them. I've even had my hair pulled by one in my research into ghost phenomenon.

I don't always see ghosts visually. Sometimes, I feel their presence. Sometimes I smell them. Sometimes I have a "feeling" that a ghost is near.

When I do see ghosts with my eyes, they look like living people, and I can see them in great detail. I see the style of their dress and the colors of their clothes. I see their faces and their hairstyles.

I have seen ghosts that were fully materialized and solid-looking. But most of them appear as slightly luminous or semi-transparent, their outlines blurred. Sometimes they move, but most of the time they just stand there.

Ghosts have looked directly at me, but sometimes they don't seem to notice me at all.

I’ve never been frightened by seeing a ghost. But I have been in some haunted places that scared the dickens out of me. I actually had a ghost sit on me once!

Yes, I know all of the arguments by skeptics who don't believe in ghosts. I myself tend to be skeptical, and I always look for rational explanations.

But I know what I know. And anyone who has ever seen a ghost knows.

Ghosts aren’t figments of our imaginations.

They are real.


Susan Christie holds a master’s degree in counseling and is a life coach who has investigated ghostly happenings throughout the Southeast.

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