Volume 136 Number 44 - Oct 29, 2009


Haunted History?
As is typical of older homes, both the Destrehan and Ormond Plantations garner plenty of interest from those who believe in ghosts. Tragic deaths, mystery and ghosts rumors surround Ormond, Destrehan Plantations
With Halloween approaching, residents and visitors from outside the parish will make their way to the Destrehan Plantation, hopeful that they might catch sight of one of the mansion’s supposed ghosts. And while the Ormond Plantation doesn’t allow tours, its history has plenty of tragedy and mystery.

Parish grants show push towards green practices
A list of over $9.5 million in grant funding acquired by St. Charles Parish thus far in 2009 reveals a further push toward energy efficiency, safety and green practices.

Parish lawyers still reviewing pair of Davezac contracts
The St. Charles Parish legal department is still reviewing two contracts with a Destrehan-based firm that has reported ties to the recent bribery case of former St. John Parish President Bill Hubbard.

Program offers students free lunch during vacation
United Way of St. Charles, in partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank and St. Charles Parish Public Schools, introduced the Lagniappe Backpack Program to provide meals for 150 school children during weekends and school vacations.

Our View

It’s okay to say ‘boo’ but keep it under control
Judging from items put on sale by local stores, Halloween has become one of the biggest observances of the year. We’ve been seeing vampire costumes, jack-o-lanterns, gruesome masks etc. on display by retailers for some two months now.


“Church Ladies” shed 101 pounds to win $3,000 in Biggest Loser
Staff Report
Twenty-two teams competed in the Fitness Club’s “Biggest Loser” competition. In all, the teams’ lost a total of 818.3 pounds in only eight weeks. The winners were determined by using a formula based on the individual's weight loss at the end of the competition being divided by the original weigh-in figure.
County agent shares tips on when to harvest citrus
Rene' Schmit
County agent shares tips on when to harvest citrus Homeowners with citrus trees often question the proper time to initiate harvest of the fruit. The answer is that harvest is based on several factors.
The Cook's Corner
Staff Report
Whip up a new dish for your family with the Herald-Guide’s Recipe of the Week.