Volume 136 Number 15 - Apr 09, 2009


4-car wreck leads to death of 27-year-old Destrehan man
A 27-year-old Destrehan man, Rafael Rangel, died April 3 after his 1990 Toyota Corolla was involved in a four-car accident on Highway 90 in Jefferson Parish.

An Easter reflection on sin and mercy
There is only one unforgivable sin
By Christopher West I thought it would be fitting during this Easter to reflect on a really bad three-letter word that rarely gets mentioned anymore: sin. We needn’t fear this word so long as we never talk about it, think about it, or otherwise acknowledge it outside the context of its five-letter antidote: mercy.

Carrying the Cross
On Palm Sunday, Norman Griffin, along with friends and family members, helped resurrect a statue of Jesus Christ that had been damaged since Hurricane Katrina. The cross was originally made of wood and both arms of the statue had been broken off. Griffin After tragic loss of son, father resurrects St. Gertrude cross
On Palm Sunday, a newly repaired statue of Jesus Christ was resurrected on a fiberglass cross, and for the first time in nearly four years it stood once again in the St. Gertrude Catholic Church Cemetery for all parishioners to see.

Savoie picked to lead national school board
C.H. “Sonny” Savoie, a school board member from St. Charles Parish, was named the 62nd president of the National School Boards Association (NSBA) at the association’s annual conference in San Diego. Savoie has been a member of the NSBA board of directors since 2002. He served as president-elect last year.

Suspected drug deal turns into big bootlegging bust
A sampling of the nearly 1,500 DVDs and CDs that were confiscated by sheriff’s deputies during a bootlegging bust. Officers find nearly 1,500 DVDs, CDs - some that haven’t been released to the public yet
The potential blockbuster movie “X Men Origins: Wolverine” may not be released in theaters until May 1, but some residents in St. Charles Parish were able to get their hands on bootleg copies of the film, according to the St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office.

Tax credit that paid $12.2M to parish residents in '08 often goes unclaimed
More than 4,900 low-to-moderate-income workers in St. Charles Parish pocketed over $12.2 million last year at tax time thanks to a credit that often goes unclaimed.

‘Armed, dangerous’ men on run from Sheriff's Office
Authorities say both men connected to Dec. 24 shooting, one sought in murder of Luling man
The St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office is searching for two Luling neighbors in connection with a Dec. 24 shooting that left three people, including a mother and her child, with gunshot wounds.


More doctors needed at hospital
Letters to the Editor
Editor, I was pleased to see that the hospital bond issue passed Saturday, but only about 5 percent of registered voters were concerned enough to exercise their duty and privilege to vote. But I’ll bet that in the future many residents will be in the emergency room and be very pleased at what they see.

Our View

Council decision is a win-win for parish
The St. Charles Parish Council’s decision to approve the discharging of treated wastewater into wetlands owned by Rathborne Land Co. is a win-win for both the parish and Rathborne.

Sheriffs Reports

Sheriff's Reports
From staff and wire reports
Arrests •Damon Scott, 18, was arrested following an altercation with his teacher. Scott was allegedly upset with one of his teachers for taking away his cell phone. As the teacher attempted to turn the cell phone into the office, Scott, allegedly twisted her wrist until she dropped the phone. The victim was treated at River Parish Hospital for possible wrist injury. Scott was arrested and booked accordingly.