Volume 134 Number 2 - Jan 11, 2007


Elvis (almost) photographed in SC Parish just days ago
Elvis impersonator is a dead ringer for The King. Can YOU top this?
Elvis is alive! Or so it seemed when this lookalike popped up to sing “Hound Dog’” and a lot more more at a party pitched by Valerie and David Hymel’s in Willowridge.

God bless you all
Vicki Bergeron looks over some of the cards and letters St. Charles parishioners sent to her son, Kyle. Mom Vicki Bergeron says cards, letters and donations brightened son Kyle’s final hours
Kyle Bergeron's funeral on Friday, Jan. 12 will include displays of hundreds of cards and letters that poured in over the last few weeks of his life, which ended peacefully in his sleep, on the beach he loved, on Dec. 30.

Martin Luther King parade is one you don’t want to miss
The Martin Luther King Commemorative Organization hosts its annual celebration Monday, Jan. 15.

Parish celebrates its 200th birthday
You can be a Herald-Guide Bicentennial supermodel like Amanda Breaux. E-mail and we'll arrange to make you famous, too. New model each week. Throughout 2007, the Herald-Guide will feature seven trivia tidbits about St. Charles Parish in each of our weekly issues - a total of 365 historical facts - in celebration of our Bicentennial Year.

Patrol cars collide on River Road in Norco, deputy may have had seizure
Two St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s patrol cars collided on River Road in Norco and both drivers were “pretty banged up,” Sheriff Greg Champagne reports.

Sheriff's Reports
Persons listed in the sheriff's reports are innocent until proven guilty.

Sheriff: St. Rose woman may have killed pal over $20
Police arrested a St. Rose woman in the murder of Willie London 33, of 629 Turtle Creek Lane.

SWAT team nabs gun suspect
Herald-Guide FILE PHOTO of training exercise. Latest details
St. Charles Parish's SWAT team swarmed a house in Luling and captured a fugitive accused of stealing at least 100 rifles and handguns from a sporting goods store in Jefferson Parish, Sheriff Greg Champagne reports.

Teach parish kids about $$ before they go broke
School board's Al Suffrin says 'financial literacy' is a BIG issue we can't ignore
BOUTTE - Believe it or not, more young people file for bankruptcy than graduate from college - and that's why St. Charles Parish School Board member-elect Alex Suffrin has named "financial-literacy classes" as a priority when he takes office on Jan. 16.

Read why Rev. George Fischer, Colette Lottinger, Sheila Rachal, and Louise Broach Fischer are in the Herald-Guide.
Very Important Parishioners
Who's in the news THIS week? Read our VIP listing and find out.

Want hot wings with that building permit?
Talking Points ... with Shonna Riggs
It wasn’t a New Orleans Saints playoff-ticket giveaway that had people lined up by the hundreds at the St. Charles Parish Courthouse the last few days of December.

Weather Girl Megan’s
Brrr ... chilly week ahead, says Weather Girl Megan. Extended forecast for Jan. 11 - 18
Expect a mixed bag of weather in the week ahead, with chilly weather followed by warmer weather followed by rain and thunderstorms. Here’s Weather Girl Megan Water’s rundown:

What folks in Louisiana REALLY care about
A new survey from the Louisiana Public Policy Research Lab names education, jobs, health care, crime, corruption, the environment and rebuilding as top concerns of citizens.

What’s wrong with this picture?
What's wrong this picture? ... first correct answer wins $5. E-mail: heatherb@heraldguide.com.

Wild ride in SC Parish’s 'tornado trailer'
Reporter Shonna Riggs and ... our reporter and 20 squealing kids learn how to survive a twister - and more
Kids in Luling’s Cub Scout Troop No. 173 covered their heads and buried their faces in their laps to protect themselves from a simulated tornado, then crawled on hands and knees to escape thin smoke that filled a special trailer during a torrnado-safety and fire prevention awareness class at the Hahnville Fire Station.

You read it here first
Careful with credit cards - they can get you in trouble. USA TODAY reported on ‘Finance 101’ classes for kids last week - 2 months after our world-exclusive report
USA TODAY reports in a fresh new January issue that “more teenagers are facing a novel requirement to graduate from high school: learning to balance their checkbooks.”


Bye, bye birdies
Kristian Garic
I take you back to Oct. 15 2006. The Philadelphia Eagles came into New Orleans flying high at 4-1 with then-quarterback Donavan McNabb off to a red-hot start.
Ducks Unlimited expects big turnout at banquet
Staff Report
The West St. Charles Chapter of Ducks Unlimited is anticipating a big turnout for their annual banquet and fundraiser to be held Thursday, Jan. 18.
Mike Detillier
Well the match has been set. With the Philadelphia Eagles beating the New York Giants 23-20 in the first round of the playoffs, it is the Eagles that will face off against the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome Saturdayat 7 p.m.
Off to college and beyond
Eric LeBlanc
Player of the Week This week's Off to College and Beyond Player of the Week is UCLA running back and Luling native Chris Markey who was the Bruins' main offensive weapon in their Emerald Bowl loss to Florida State with 144 yards rushing on 19 carries to go along with 2 receptions.
Nick Saban ... liar, maybe ... good coach, absolutely
Kristian Garic
You have an argument if you say that Nick Saban's return to college football as the coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide brands him as a "liar" or even "job jumper". In the same breath you have to say "oh boy" - the Tide just became a formidable opponent in the SEC overnight.
Final Football Contest Winner
Staff Report
Even with the upsets that showed up during “bowl season,” Virginia Nicholas of Hahnville correctly predicted 12 winners out of the 15 bowl games played to win the final version of the St. Charles Herald-Guide's Football Contest '06. Virginia also found the hidden fleur de lis to win a total of $60.


Could west bank become another North Claiborne?
Allen Lottinger
One of the recommendations of neighborhood groups for rebuilding New Orleans is to eliminate the portion of Interstate 10 between Tulane and Elysian Fields Avenues.
Put down the phone and drive!
Barbara Munson
I've often said that I'd like a Sherman tank and two hours with no state troopers in sight to clean up the streets of the city. I don't really have road rage, but seeing what passes for driving these days makes me kind of understand it.
Love that lifestyles story
Letters to the Editor
Dear Editor: The story in your Lifestyles section titled I lost 82-lbs and feel great was very informative and inspirational for me. I am overweight and have been considering gastric bypass surgery for quite some time now.
God bless this mess
Staff Report
The good folks at Luling's First Union Presbyterian and the Christian Motorcycle Association need your help in their mission to repair storm damage at the Canal Boulevard Baptist Church of the Deaf in New Orleans.
Find out who REALLY wrote the Bible in Luling seminar
Ann Taylor
You’re invited to a free, three-part Bible-study series that will answer these questions: Where does the Bible come from? Why are there so many different versions of the Bible? How do we know the Bible is the reliable Word of God? What are the Dead Sea Scrolls and the ‘Gnostic Gospels’? What are the earliest copies of the Bible?
The Watch Dog
C.B. Forgotston
The crime problem in New Orleans can be rationalized and denied by the public officials in New Orleans, but they are fooling no one, including the people who live in the city.

Our View

Kyle Bergeron's legacy is a good one
The sad and tragic death of Kyle Bergeron after his long and courageous battle with leukemia is heartbreaking, and our thoughts and prayers are certainly with his mother, Vicki, father, Charles and twin brother, Logan.


Summer's closer than you think
Susan Ambrosino
Warm weather and summer are right around the corner and you know what that means - bathing suits.
You don’t have to be tired
Derek Clontz
An astounding three out of four Americans - that's almost 225 million people - say they often lack the energy to do all the things they'd like to do.
What value - if any - does reality television hold?
Heather R. Breaux
Imagine opening your eyes in the morning and with one eye barely open you focus in on a unshaven cameraman with a wide-angle lens in one hand and a half-eaten jelly donut in the other, and a sound boom towering over your bed.
Colette’s King Cake recipe just in time for Mardi Gras
Colette Lottinger
I decided to make a king cake for a garden club meeting. It was rather a rush job, except for the time it took for the dough to rise.
Ask Nattie
Nattie Swan
Nattie Swan is St. Charles Parish’s best new advice columnist for kids and their parents. Let her help you. Send questions to the editor.
Get out of debt FAST
Derek Clontz
You can make more money, pay off your debts without chopping up a single credit card and live high on the hog day after worry-free day with financial tips from ordinary people just like you.
Toys, toys and more toys for parish kids
Staff Report
DESTREHAN - The Destrehan High School Interact club collected Christmas gifts for the needy in St. Charles Parish.
New Sarpy toy drive was a BIG success
Staff Report
NEW SARPY - Toys for Tots representatives and New Sarpy Elementary Staff members lent a helping hand by sorting the toys collected by the school during the Christmas toy drive.
Middle-school kids toot their own horns
Staff Report
LULING - R. K. Smith Middle School participated in several events at City Park’s Christmas in the Oaks celebration.
Seasons readings for book-contest winners
Staff Report
NEW SARPY - Students at New Sarpy Elementary read their way to the top in the school’s December reading contest.
Students share TRUE meaning of Christmas
Staff Report
PARADIS - Principal, Tamika Green holds the microphone for Myrionne Mott during R. J. Vial Elementary’s December community meeting.
St. Vincent gift-giving goes without a hitch
Staff Report
LULING - St. Charles Borromeo and the St. Vincent DePaul Society held their annual toy drive, where the students of St. Charles Borromeo Elementary School, CCD and Fountain of Youth brought gifts for the needy children in our parish.
Staff Report
R. K. Smith Middle School Jr. Beta Club members have selected their eight grade officers.
MONEYTALK with Al Suffrin
Al Suffrin
Dear Mr. Suffrin: My 6-year-old son has been doing a very good job of picking up his toys and keeping his room straightened. I'd like to reward him for good behavior, but is it too early to start giving him an allowance? - Parent in Norco
$5 for your jokes & riddles
Staff Report
How smart are you? Our fun quiz tells the tale.
Jan. 18 Women’s Club meeting to be a BIGGIE
Staff Report
The St Charles Women's Club holds its next meeting on Thursday, Jan. 18 at First Union Presbyterian Church, 134 Lakewood Dr. in Luling at 9 a.m.