Volume 134 Number 1 - Jan 04, 2007


$500 reward for vandals who trashed Christmas display
$500 reward for vandals who trashed Christmas display Bayou Gauche couple devastated by damage
Eric and Nena Matherne of Bayou Gauche thought their holidays went off without a hitch until they came home to find their elaborate Christmas display had been trashed.

Can you top this?
Can you top this? Ama lady’s Elvis poster reels in the years
Sandy Blalock’s Elvis poster is a classic that shows The King in his prime - before the stresses of living his life in a fishbowl led to the drug-induced heart attack that claimed in life in 1977.

Fun, food and forthcoming events in St. Charles Parish
Everything happening in St. Charles Parish for the coming weeks ... from music to food to museums and tours - it's all here for you.

Going up!
Cox raising cable rates $4 per month but only expanded service is affected
Cox Communications rates will increase for St. Charles Parish customers in February.

Herald-Guide's Mike D ... BEST VOICE in radio, says Sports Illustrated
Herald-Guide sports columnist and nationally-known radio personality Mike Detillier has joined the ranks of ESPN’s Chris Fowler, CBS’s James Brown and Fox Sports’ Troy Aikman as the best of the best in sports analysis and commentary in SI.com’s 2006 Media Awards.

Kyle’s with Jesus now
Kyle Bergeron:
1988-2006 Surrounded by family & friends, brave teenager’s battle with cancer ends on the beach he loved
It was sunrise at the beach in Gulfshores, AL, on Dec. 30, 2006 when Kyle Bergeron's battle with cancer ended just the way he wanted it, with the gentle sound of the waves lapping the shore, flicks of orange and yellow light shining from the sun bursting between the clouds, and a white sandy beach filled with Footprints In The Sand, just like his favorite poem.

Louisiana smoking ban will change the way you ... eat?
Louisiana's restaurants, public places, public buildings and most other places of employment became smoke-free with the start of the new year.

St. Charles Parish Trivia Tidbits
... in celebration of our 200th B-Day
Throughout 2007, the Herald-Guide will feature seven trivia tidbits about St. Charles Parish in each of our weekly issues - a total of 365 historical facts - in celebration of our Bicentennial Year.

State wants MORE adults to get a college education
Louisiana is calling for more educated adults. The Southern Regional Education Board and the Louisiana Board of Regents have announced a joint initiative that will make it easier for for those without a college degree to enroll at a Louisiana public college or university and earn a degree or other college credentials.

Talking Points ... with Shonna Riggs
Mental health windfall for local kids who need help
An innovative new program will help parents figure out what sorts of mental-health services are available for their children, which is going to help kids and their families lead happier and more productive lives.

West Nile virus made 194 of us sick in 2006
The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals has updated to 194 the total number of West Nile virus cases for the year that ended Dec. 31.


Saints GIVE Panthers 31-21 win in ‘a game about nothing’
Mike Detillier
In a game without any postseason implications New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton said he would play this game “smart.” What that meant was that the Saints would rest most of their starters and get healthy and mentally ready to play in two weeks.
He’s outta here - HHS coach takes new job
Staff Report
Hahnville High School loses a great coach in John Lambert, who's accepted a plum position at East Ascension as athletic director/head football coach.


Walk down Memory Lane gives Barb her New Year’s resolution
Barbara Munson
The other day I was talking with my daughter, and in the course of the conversation I mentioned that microwave ovens weren't around when we were growing up, that I didn't get my first microwave until after I was married. I used to work for a wholesaler, and microwaves cost about $1000 each.
Set goals with God in mind to make 2007 your BEST year yet
Staff Report
At the beginning of every year, many New Year's resolutions are made and promptly broken within a few months or even a few days.
Something to SMILE about
Staff Report
You'll feel good after you read the "funny" that follows ...
SOLVE your own problems and leave GOV’T out of it
C.B. Forgotston
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

Sheriffs Reports

Sheriff's Reports
Staff Report
6 arrested on crack cocaine charges


I lost 82-lbs and I feel GREAT
Heather R. Breaux
“For as long as I can remember my weight went up and down. I loved snacks, especially potato chips and I was a late-night eater. I never really had a steady exercise routine. I wasn’t just overweight, food controlled my life.”
Don't drown in holiday credit card debt
Heather R. Breaux
Every year at this time, we vow to shed two things: the extra pounds we packed on after feasting on too much turkey and the extra credit card debt we racked up on gifts for friends, family and ourselves. In fact, most of us used plastic instead of cash during the holiday season.
Ask Nattie
Nattie Swan
Nattie Swan is St. Charles Parish’s best new advice columnist for kids and their parents. Let her help you. Send questions to editor@heraldguide.com.
21 snack slimsations that fill you up and won't make you fat
Derek Clontz
Think you can't snack out because you’re dieting? Think again. Here are 21 tasty treats that "weigh in" at 100 calories or less and will help you over those “hunger humps” that can wreck the best of weight-control plans.
Al Suffrin
Dear Mr. Suffrin: Everyone is making New Year's resolutions and as a 15-year-old high school student I want to know what’s the best resolution I can make regarding finances.
Swimming in holiday credit card debt
Heather R. Breaux
Every year at this time, we vow to shed two things: the extra pounds we packed on after feasting on too much turkey and the extra credit card debt we racked up on gifts for friends, family and ourselves. In fact, most of us used plastic instead of cash during the holiday season.
Camera Shootout 2007: $500 to be won in our new contest
Staff Report
Our competition is open to photographers in St. Charles Parish and all surrounding parishes - and to make sure everyone can join in on the fun, both digital and print formats are approved.
This week’s BEST-BUY GOODIES at the German Coast Farmer’s Market
Heather R. Breaux
Check out this week's preview of the great items at the Ferman Coast Farmer's Market.
‘Measured response’ at R.K. Smith Middle
Staff Report
LULING - Raymond K. Smith’s eighth grade students participated in measurement exercise to complete a math unit on ratios and proportions.