Every Wednesday, beginning at 10 a.m., the five weekly photo contest winners will be displayed for your vote. Voting ends at 8 a.m. the following Tuesday and the winner will be announced in Thursday’s edition of the Herald-Guide.

Each month, the Herald-Guide will pick a monthly winner for the previous month from the four weekly winners. At the beginning of January, each monthly winner, in addition to two photos picked by our staff, will go head-to-head online to determine our $500 grand-prize winner.

Brittany  Watson Beard: Off into the sunset
Travis Faucheux Beard: Southern Sunrise
priscilla berger Beard: Christmas & Candy Canes
Lanell Barre-Boyd Beard: KJ & HIS NEW PAL
Jeffrey  Dufrene Beard: Bestfriends\ My road dog
Johanna walker-hebert Beard: Merry Christmas
Amanda  Bychurch Beard: Not only cousins Best Friends
Ashley Fonseca Beard: Santa\'s little helper!
Angie Matherne Beard: You just can\'t fuss at this face!
Vanna  Vieregge Beard: Go Saints!
Randi Elliott Beard: Sweet Moment!
Brittany Watson Beard: I can\'t live without these two
Rick Martin Beard: Life Under the Oak Tree
Brittany  Watson Beard: Another street light in New Orleans
Brittany  Watson Beard: A boys dream
Sherri Hicks Beard: Curious Little Flapjack
Mike Peters Beard: A Family Portrait
Michele  Hebert Beard: Which one do I want first?
Jillian Shnowski Beard: \
BJ Butler Beard: Tree Climbing
Claude Adams Beard: Youth Hunt 2013
Jennifer DeRoche Beard: Brotherly Love..a love so pure & sweet!!
Harmoni Campbell  Beard: peace in harmoni
vanna vieregge Beard: HELP!
vanna vieregge Beard: thank you, thank you very much
Jennifer Schexnaydre  Beard: Just talking on the phone and stuff....
Cayce Gunter Beard: Standing Watch
Michele Hebert Beard: Soaking up Sun in the Fall!
Monique Gros Beard: Beauty on the Bayou
Christopher Pickett Beard: Cheering Saints from Daddy's Spot
Marcia Anderson Beard: 2013  7/8 Football
Emilie Miller Beard: Happiest boy in the world!!
Chelsea Levron Beard: Taylor\'s First Halloween
Ashley Fonseca Beard: Like father like son
Aimee Ecuyer Beard: Sunset on Mississippi
marcia anderson Beard: halloween Family drees up
Brittany  Watson Beard: Beautiful Baby!
Brittany  Watson Beard: New Orleans.
Amanda  Figueredo Beard: Pumpkin Fun

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Police search for fifth suspect in connection with murder
Police search for fifth suspect in connection with murder
The St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office has issued an arrest warrant for Jonah Wetwiski who is facing charges of principal to first-degree murder.