Every Wednesday, beginning at 10 a.m., the five weekly photo contest winners will be displayed for your vote. Voting ends at 8 a.m. the following Tuesday and the winner will be announced in Thursday’s edition of the Herald-Guide.

Each month, the Herald-Guide will pick a monthly winner for the previous month from the four weekly winners. At the beginning of January, each monthly winner, in addition to two photos picked by our staff, will go head-to-head online to determine the winner of a $500 gift certificate to Walmart.

heidi oubre Beard: Shelbys 1st Christmas
Bobbi Dugas Beard: Turtle Power
Renee Gunn Beard: Sophia's First Gingerbread House
Callie Chappell Beard: My First Loose Tooth!!
Taylor Melancon Beard: The Reason for it all
Tracy Vollenweider Beard: Sweet angel
Tracy Vollenweider Beard: Christmas 2010
Charles Flowers Beard: Eclipse
Monique Barbier Beard: A boy and his dog.
Bobbi Dugas Beard: I been wanting this!
Bobbi Dugas Beard: My 1st Christmas
Tracy Chiasson Beard: ...as we dream, by the fire...
heidi oubre Beard: Shelby Theriot
Melissa Jourdain Beard: Cheese!
stacey Trosclair Beard: ferret naps or so darn cute!
Maureen Breaux Beard: Believe
heidi oubre Beard: Shelby Theriot
heidi oubre Beard: Shelby Theriot
Jennifer Richardson Beard: Swinging
Jennifer Richardson Beard: Pumpkin Princess
laurie walters Beard: I love you Santa!
Taylor Melancon Beard: Joy to life
Kellie Book Beard: Sister Love
heather appleby Beard: Is it christmas yet ill wait right here till then
Patti Goens Beard: Homemade slippers AKA carseat armrest covers
George Bode Beard: DECEMBER WINNER
Melissa McNeely Beard: Just hanging around
Melissa McNeely Beard: No more pictures please mom!
brian robin Beard: siblings
brian robin Beard: unlimited remote control minutes
Heidi oubre Beard: Shelby Theriot
Charles  Flowers Beard: Simply Beautiful
Jeremy Mitchell Beard: Fun with markers
Krista Neal Beard: Nosy neighbor
Heidi Oubre Beard: Shelby Theriot
Heidi Oubre Beard: Brrr
Connie Davis Beard: Honeymoon Bliss
Leslie Cantrelle Beard: MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Heather  Cortez Beard: Poo Dat!
Connie Davis Beard: Blue-eyed Beauty

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Hahnville grad beats language barrier at HHS
Hahnville grad beats language barrier at HHS
Imagine being 9 years old in a foreign country and attending school without knowing the language.