Every Wednesday, beginning at 10 a.m., the five weekly photo contest winners will be displayed for your vote. Voting ends at 8 a.m. the following Tuesday and the winner will be announced in Thursday’s edition of the Herald-Guide.

Each month, the Herald-Guide will pick a monthly winner for the previous month from the four weekly winners. At the beginning of January, each monthly winner, in addition to two photos picked by our staff, will go head-to-head online to determine the winner of a $500 gift certificate.

Lisa  Matherne Beard: Heaven at da' camp!
Peg Bordelon Beard: Pretty in Pink
Scott Tastet Beard: Michael
Angie Ordoyne Beard: Mrs.
Elton Ockman Beard: Daddy I can drive better than you
Carla  Boudreaux Beard: 2013 Senior Precious Moment
amber fuller Beard: i\'m a well dressed boy already
Marsh Bordelon Beard: Lakefront Sunset
Peg Bordelon Beard: Stop and notice all the little things
Paula Landry Beard: Le bon temps roule
Daniel Orillion  Beard: Bee on a flower
Terri Box Beard: I like color
Terri Box Beard: Louisiana Bald Cypress garden
Terri Box Beard: Southern Skies
Terri Box Beard: The Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow
Terri Box Beard: Cafe Du Mmmmm-Monde
Monica LeBlanc Beard: Grand Bayou Sunset
Peg Bordelon Beard: Early morning Visitor
Amanda Mautemps Beard: Did I do that.
Emma Bergeron Beard: Sitting Pretty
Ken Suydam Beard: Dear God
Sharon de Castro Beard: The Stamp Collector
Krystal Simmons Beard: and The King lives!
Carl Bordelon Beard: CC Road
amber fuller Beard: first play date
Scott Tastet Beard: Surreal Sunset
Karen Wedge Beard: Love Louisiana Winters-Jan 2013
Karen Wedge Beard: MardiGras on the Bayou!!!!!
brandi perrillioux Beard: new years kiss
brandi perrillioux Beard: sky learning to do deuces
wilfred  robert Beard: Eagle sitting
wilfred robert Beard: American  Bald Eeagle
wilfred robert Beard: American Bald eagle
Pam Negrotto Beard: Go away -  I need a nap
Sabrina Cortez Beard: Enjoying the outdoors!!
Sabrina Cortez Beard: Up early doing what he loves to do!!!
Amanda Mosley Beard: Mmmm thats good!!!
Tracy Sparks Beard: Santa\'s Little Helper

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School board member questions letter grading of public schools, but not charter schools
School board member questions letter grading of public schools, but not charter schools
While public schools are subject to performance review and letter grades each year by the Louisiana Education Department, the same is not true for all charter schools — and at least one St. Charles Parish school board member believes it's well past time for that to change.