Every Wednesday, beginning at 10 a.m., the five weekly photo contest winners will be displayed for your vote. Voting ends at 8 a.m. the following Tuesday and the winner will be announced in Thursday’s edition of the Herald-Guide.

Each month, the Herald-Guide will pick a monthly winner for the previous month from the four weekly winners. At the beginning of January, each monthly winner, in addition to two photos picked by our staff, will go head-to-head online to determine the winner of a $500 gift certificate.

Michelle Schexnayder Beard: Sweet Charlie
Kelly Bosarge Beard: Sundays...am I right?!
Brandon Hebert Beard: Starting him young!
Eric Rawls Beard: Just Beachin
Linda Laborde Beard: Dancing on beach
Nikki Sevin Beard: Don\'t worry, be happy!
Nikki Sevin Beard: Peaceful Prince
Tradaysha Macon Beard: Kendall Macon
Tradaysha Macon Beard: Princess Lay
Tradaysha Macon Beard: Kendall Macon
Hailee Weber Beard: Spa Day
Kelli Melady Beard: What you talkin about maw maw
Lyssa Townsend Beard: Clayton Pond
Kim Weber  Beard: Special Delivery
Chelsie  Domangue  Beard: Bridge
Jennifer Matherne Beard: Chip thief
Vicki  Cain Beard: Next Batter Up!
Monique Schexnayder Beard: Bridge from Westbank side
Cade Schmidt  Beard: Loving this Louisiana summertime weather
Mary Smith Beard: CAN   SHE     PLAY       ANNIE
Mary Smith Beard: NAP__TIME
Nikki Sevin Beard: Our Hero
Nikki Sevin Beard: Beauty
Nikki Sevin Beard: Princess Lauryn
Nikki Sevin Beard: Beautiful babies ❤️
Mark Klein Beard: Fireworks at the West Bank Bridge Park
Mary Smith Beard: I had TO GO
Corey  Weeks Beard: Principal makes a new friend
Bethany Adams Beard: Nothing scares him!
Nikki Sevin Beard: Sibling love
Nikki Sevin Beard: Yaaaaayyyy
Falisa Bourgeois Beard: Hale Boggs Bridge
Melissa Phillips Beard: Princess Leia loves playing in the mud!
Stephanie \ Lovetro Beard: Smile
Donna Guidroz Beard: Pont de l’Europe (the bridge of Europe)
charles flowers Beard: Jazmine\'s World
Paige Picard Beard: Last picture mom.
Barry Parker Beard: Mansion among the oaks
Mayra Hernandez Beard: Southern belles

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Parish’s ‘Labor of Love’ is rebuilding
Parish’s ‘Labor of Love’ is rebuilding
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